Why are you running for Mayor?

While campaigning on Michigan Street I was asked “Why are you running for mayor, are you crazy“? I had been asked this question before from people on Joyce and Dieppe Ave but not with the “are you nuts” tag on.

The answer is that I have lots of experience in government, business and community organizations that should allow me to be a very effective mayor. I have a track record of being able to work successfully with colleagues who represent a mix of political views. My focus is always on maximizing the good for the community rather than scoring political points. More importantly, I have the complete support of my wife and a hard working enthusiastic campaign team.

My team and I have been out knocking on doors having a wonderful time meeting Powell River residents from Wildwood, Cranberry and Townsite to Grief Point. To date we’ve knocked on over 900 doors with the opportunity to chat with approximately 300 people and to leave information for the others.  This has resulted in many emails and phone calls with excellent questions, wanting to thank me for running and others with suggestions of how Powell River could be improved. The enthusiasm has convinced me that we’e doing the right thing.

From my experience as president of a large rate payers association and a condo association I know that you cannot please everyone all the time. However, you can assure them that everyone is given the same information and the same opportunities.

I believe that every elected official in municipal, regional district, provincial or federal government should relate to John Kennedy’s take on elected office “Ask not what your country can do for you—ask what you can do for your country.”  Simply substitute the word country for city and you have what I believe.

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