Sports and Wellness

While out campaigning on Fernwood I was asked “would you support the development of sports leagues for young and old” The fellow asking the question had grown up in Powell River playing sports and was unhappy that his boys were not having the same opportunity and that the senior leagues were gone “like the Dodo birds”.

My short answer is yes I would. My long winded answer is that I grew up playing sports, baseball, football, hockey, soccer, curling, bowling and pool. Mostly I loved every moment except for when I played goalie in the bantam  hockey league and all our games were on outdoor rinks where games were only cancelled if it was colder than -20°F. I still remember trying to get my skates off between periods so I could warm my feet near the barrel heater.

I have always believed that sports and wellness go hand in hand. When I initiated the Powell River Wellness Challenge in 2015, I hoped the challenge would encourage people to think about what type of activity would improve their wellness, walking their dog more regularly, hiking up Valentine mountain, throwing darts at the Legion, lawn bowling or playing Bocci ball at the Italian Centre. Kerri Carlson, who has done a great job as coordinator of the challenge and other wellness initiatives in Powell River tells me that the challenge did get people more active.

I believe the Mayor has a unique opportunity to support all types of sport activity for both the young and old both as an observer and a participant.

Below are a couple of videos of the Guelph Wellness Initiative which I helped develop when I was CEO of the Advanced Foods And Materials Network.

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