Replacement for recent blog post of the one-page document on the “Role of Mayor”.

We realized after the fact that the document attached to the post was difficult to read.


I keep getting asked about the duties and responsibilities of a mayor. My team and I have put together a one-pager that we are handing out as we door knock.  We are surprised that so many people are unware that the Mayor is the Chief Executive Officer and has specific responsibilities.  Here is a more readable copy of that document:

 The responsibilities of the Mayor of Powell River

The Community Charter  lays out the responsibilities of a mayor. Firstly, the mayor is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Powell River – the buck stops in that office whether the issue is potholes or derelict buildings. It is the mayor’s responsibility to work with the Chief Administrative Office (CAO) in our case, Mac Fraser, to ensure an efficient, effective and responsive municipal government.


I have been the CEO of corporations and both national and provincial not-for-profit organizations. In these roles I have demonstrated the ability to work with a wide range of managers and employees and have negotiated agreements in Canada, the U.S., Europe and Asia to enhance the effectiveness of these organizations.

The Mayor of Powell River’s job also includes providing leadership to the Council, communicating information to the Council, presiding at Council meetings, establishing standing committees and reflecting the will of Council.

As a CEO, Board Member, President of a large Rate Payers Association and senior executive in the Federal government I have significant experience in fulfilling all of these responsibilities. The last responsibility is very important as it requires the mayor, notwithstanding their own opinion, to reflect the majority will of Council. If Council votes in favour of a motion which the mayor has voted against, the mayor is obligated to work with the municipal officers to insure that the Council’s will is implemented.  

Throughout my career I have demonstrated the ability to work with a wide range of individuals in order to achieve a common goal. This requires a willingness to listen and act on alternative points of view. This I have done and would do as Mayor of Powell River.  

Powell River is going through a period of growth, it has a strong real estate market and a shortage of housing options. One of the challenges for the mayor is to ensure that all business owners, developers and builders have equal access to development opportunities. As I have no business interests in Powell River I will be able to do this without any real or perceived personal conflicts of interest.  

In addition to the legal responsibilities outlined above, I believe the mayor should also engage and excite knowledgeable business and community leaders to donate time and expertise to help make Powell River an even better place to live.  I have over 40 years experience as a volunteer and know from first hand experience the importance of volunteerism in a community.

Ron Woznow for Mayor

I will bring openness, respect and proven leadershipto the Mayor’s Office. 

(604) 414-5844

Authorized by Ron Woznow

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