Week of September 17, 2018

While I am out knocking on doors, writing pieces for the media, answering questions put to me via my blog and on Facebook I can’t address every rumour that is out there but these 3 deserve attention.

I was asked by a couple in Cranberry if it was true that I never attended Council meetings? I assured them that in the past I had attended Council meetings in which important items were being discussed and members of the public were making presentations. I was in attendance when Jack Barr talked about the Inn at Westview and when a presentation was made on the Timberland Estate ring road and the background on how agricultural land had been inappropriately used for a subdivision. When there are issues of general interest to the public the chambers are often packed and many people, including myself, end up in the hallway or on the stairs. From this position it is almost impossible to hear any of the discussion. As a result I decided in July to watch the streaming of the proceedings on City’s podcast. I have talked with Chris Jackson, the City Clerk, and he advises me that there is no reason that Council meetings could not be held at a larger venue. If elected I would insure that for Council meetings where important City issues are being considered the meetings be held in a larger and more accessible venue to facilitate public participation.

I have also been told that a resident of Cranberry is telling anyone who will listen that I have run for office in every town that I have lived in. I have never run for office if you define “office” as a municipal, provincial or federal position. I was asked to run for president of my ratepayers in Toronto and was acclaimed. I was also acclaimed President of my coop in Vancouver. When the current Mayor announced last December that “there will be a new mayor and council” in 2018 I decided for the first time to run for mayor.

The most surprising rumour is that I do not finish things that I have started. Throughout my career I have been hired as a Chief Executive Office of companies and recruited to be a director of foundations and charities because of my reputation for getting things done. By establishing Canada’s first street drug analysis service for emergency room physicians, completing a $30,000,000 waterpark and residential project outside of Beijing, building the Verna J. Kirkness Education Foundation into a national resource for Indigenous youth, initiating the Powell River Wellness Challenge that encouraged over 1500 residents to take steps to improve their wellness and helping the Polish government transition from a Communist regime to a Democracy, I have demonstrated the ability to complete things. For the latter, I was honored with a private audience with Pope John Paul II in Warsaw and made an honorary member of Solidarity.

“One of Ron’s great achievements was to found the Verna J. Kirkness Education Foundation. In operation for 10 years the Program has been highly successful in providing opportunities for Indigenous grade 11 students from across Canada to spend time in the participating universities. Ron is the kind of person who gets down to the nitty gritty to get things done like being a chaperone for the students to raising funds for the program. He gets things done!” Verna J. Kirkness August 2018

If you would like to see additional examples of what I have achieved and how I have been recognized see some of the other pages on my website (ronwoznowpr.com).

Below you will see a video that I gave at the Summit On The Value of Medicines in 2007 when I was the Executive Director of The Arthritis Society, BC and Yukon Division.

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